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Kids Tree Climbing Camp
Silver Falls State Park

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The only Kids camp  camp in nation where kids get to learn to safely climb giant 200-300ft tall old-growth trees and have the option to camp the whole week overnight in the trees. One of the most unique kids camp in the state of Oregon and close to both Salem, Portland, and Eugene.

Tree Camping Details


$699 for 2 people, per night + tax & fees ( one person bookings still $699)

$349 for each additional person above 2 people, per night + tax & fees



~18 hrs


Meeting Time/End Time

3pm - 9am next day

Meeting/End Location

Tree Climbing at Silver Falls Silver Falls State Park 20024, Silver Falls Hwy SE, Sublimity, OR 97385

Open in Google Maps

Apple Maps is not reliable, do not use. 


Min/Max Group Size

No minimum and 40 person max.


Age & Requirements 


No experience necessary

Reservations required

Cancellation Policy 

  • Free Cancellations up to 72 hours in advance 

  • Tours Run Rain or Shine



  • Instant Confirmation


  • Reservations are required, no walk up appointments


  • Climb and sleep in some of the tallest trees in the world 200-300ft/60-90meters high.

  • Sleep in personal hammocks or two person tree tents (portaledge) 

  • Customized camping height, 10-90 meters/30-280ft high, you choose.

  • Incredible camping views with a unique perspective of old-growth forest. Possible views of wildlife, mountains, sunset, sunrise, night sky, stars, and the Willamete valley.

What’s Included 

  • Sleeping bag and interior liner.

  • Pillow, Pillow Cover

  • Thermal Sleeping Pad

  • All climbing equipment

  • Hammock or portaledge (portaledge is $199 extra)

  • Guided 100% of time


What’s Not Included

  • Gratuities for your guide

  • Food and Water - Add-on Dinner and Breakfast up in the tree for $30 a person.

What to Bring 

  • Extra warm layers

Weather Issues 

  • Experiences are cancelled in the event of high winds (20mph), lightning, or supper heavy rain.

  • Our team will contact you if cancellation is necessary for weather reasons.

Overview -Tree Camping at Silver Falls State Park

Our half-day tree climbing adventures are amazing and unforgettable like people say in our Five-Star reviews, but tree camping is on an entirely different level. Once you experience this adventure you will understand the rave reviews of our experiences and why tree camping probably deserves the creation of a sixth star. After about 1.5 hours of climbing/rappelling training and practice you will hike into an ancient forest for about 45m. Once we reach the secluded tree it will take around 1-2 hrs of climbing ropes and branches, to reach the top of these huge old-growth trees. Participants will get to choose their sleeping spot, and help set up their own tree camping equipment with their guides' help. Once participants are all settled in and cozy, you get to relax and enjoy the views! If you select the add-on dinner and breakfast option, you also get to see some crazy cool, should-be award winning, food preparation techniques. After enjoying the sunset and night sky experience, it's time to get comfy for one of the most unique sleeping situations. Around 7am we will wake up and start hiking back to the original meeting location. Camping overnight in some of the largest trees in the world will be one of the most unique experiences in your life. 


A Whole New World


From a 300 ft (90 meters) high tree, the world looks very different, like an alien planet. The perspective from some of the largest trees in the world, will open your eyes to see the forest and wildlife in new powerful ways. This is your chance to experience something that almost nobody else has done before, less than .00001% of the population will have experienced this.

Magical Views, Sunset and Sunrise

At the top of the forest canopy, imagine a 360 degree view overlooking the Willamette Valley and Cascades. From this high vantage point you can watch the sunset over the western mountains, turn your head in the morning and watch the sunrise over the eastern mountains. It's honestly going to be so gorgeous, it might be hard to sleep with views like these. But eventually the subtle sway of the tree will rock you to bed.


Dark Sky Experience, Star Viewing


Do you like dark sky adventures and night sky experiences with a lot of stars? If so, tree camping is definitely for you because you are going to see a lot of stars! Unless it's going to rain, you will have an open tent (portaledge) or hammock to watch the dreamy stars all night long. After watching a sunset, the stars will only increase in number dramatically. This is a dark sky climbing experience that has the best combination of what some people call forest star bathing.

Sunset Dinner and Sunrise Breakfast Option


Want an incredible dining experience? Curious how you would cook a meal at the top of a giant tree or how they do it on the side of a cliff while rock climbing? Well don’t wait any longer to find out! Enjoy a hot meal while watching the sunset at the top of a giant 300 ft' tree! Trust us, this is a truly magical sunset dining experience that eventually turns into a night sky dinner too! You won't be able to find another dining venue like this. This is an add-on that costs $30 extra per person.

A Forest Opportunity Like Nothing Else


There are few experiences more connected to nature than tree camping in an old-growth tree. You and the gigantic ancient living tree will be connected together overnight. You will get to feel its subtle movements, and experience a day of what it's like to be a tree.  It will hold your life, all night long and it’s kind of like being held by 400 year old mother-nature and getting rocked to bed by her gentle embrace as the tree sways in the wind. Getting to spend the night in such a unique place allows a certain level of mindfulness in nurture and forest bathing that you cannot experience anywhere else.


Ecotour of the Ecology of Ancient Old-Growth Forest


In the continental United States most of our original forests are gone. It is estimated that we only have 5% or less of our old-growth forests, maybe even as little as 1%. While we are up in the canopy, we are excited to share with you the unique ecology of old-growth trees, plants, and wildlife that depend on this kind of environment. Old-growth forests play a critical role in Earth’s ecology that make it necessary to protect and promote the growth of new old-growth forests for future generations.

Sunset portaledge.jpg
  • What happens if I need to use the bathroom while in the tree?
    If you are part of a half-day or sunset experience, its best to just use the bathroom before the experience or wait to go back down to use the bathroom. If you are tree camping, we have specialized equipment for men and women that we bring up the tree with us. Before the climb we will teach you how it works. We also practice preventative techniques so hopefully it becomes not necessary to use the bathroom while up in the tree over one night. Most people do not need to go #2 while up in the tree. Basically you are pooping into special bags and peeing into bottles. It works basically the same way in rock climbing, here is a video that does a good job covering it with some humor, We carry everything out in something called poop tubes, and properly dispose of it after the experience.
  • I do not have any climbing or rappelling experience, can i still join the tour?
    Yes, no experience is required. The tour is designed to be beginner friendly and there is a very safe training practice session before the main experience that is about 1.5 hours long.
  • I am afraid of heights, can I still do this?
    Yes you can, we have techniques and exercises to help people overcome their fear of heights, a type of exposure therapy. You can also select your camping spot at any height in the tree. You don’t have to camp at the very top, you can sleep only 20 feet / 7 meters off the ground if you want to. Completely customizable to what is comfortable for you.
  • What happens if it rains?
    Will be watching the weather for you. If it rains we have rain equipment for both our portaledges and hammocks. If you also give us three days notice you are allowed to reschedule free of charge.
  • How do we sleep in the tree?
    You have two options. You can sleep in a two person portaledge, which is like a flat tent, or single person hammocks. Hammocks are included in the normal price and the portaledge is $199 extra.
  • What is the most comfortable sleeping option?
    It depends on the person. If you want more personal space the hammock is the best option. But the portaledge will provide the most traditional flat sleeping experience that can be enjoyed comfortably with another person. Both are great options.
  • Won't I be able to fall while sleeping at night?
    No, the portaledge and hammocks are made so it would be extremely difficult to accidentally fall out. But even if you did, people still wear a small comfy harness that is tied to a separate main safety rope. So there is no chance you would fall while sleeping.
  • What happens if it is too difficult for me and I can’t climb up to the top of the tree?
    With the help of your guide, you can set the sleeping equipment at any height in the tree, you don't have to climb to the very top or even that far if you don't want to or can't.
  • Can I bring things up the tree with me?
    Yes, your guide can help you bring stuff up the tree. You can also climb with a small bag. Camera equipment, food, water, birthday cakes, presents, extra layers are all great things to bring.
  • Can I bring my own food?
    Yes you can bring your own food instead of purchasing our food upgrade package, $30 a person. But you cannot bring your own cooking equipment unfortunately, for safety reasons.
  • Where do we meet?
    Tree Climbing at Silver Falls Silver Falls State Park 20024, Silver Falls Hwy SE, Sublimity, OR 97385 The meeting location is inside Silver Falls State Park, about 30m from Salem and 1.5 hrs from Portland.
  • Directions to the meeting location?
    Directions to the meeting location will be included in your confirmation email :) We will meet in the parking lot of the Howard Creek Trail Head inside Silver Falls State Park. If you are using Google Maps you will need to put the name Tree Climbing at Silver Falls into Google Maps. Howard Creek Trail Head does not come up on Google maps, but inside the park, the signs will say Howard Creek Trail head. If you see a small tree with ropes in it behind the trail head sign, you know you are in the correct place. We will be practicing on that tiny tree for training.
  • How early do we need to arrive?
    Your guide will arrive right on time at the designated start time. Please arrive at the designated meeting time too. Early arrival is not necessary.
  • How difficult is this activity?
    This activity can be challenging or impossible for some. Most people find this activity a workout. Most kids and adults at normal weights will be able to do this activity great. The oldest person to do this on their own without any assistance was 89 years old. Anyone who feels they cannot do this activity on their own can add the battery power ascender for an extra $75 per person. You only need to push a button to go up the tree and sit in your harness to use the battery ascender. Making this activity very accessible to most people.
  • If I am overweight or obese, can I do this activity?
    Yes some people who are considered obese and overweight do this activity well. But you might want to consider using our battery power ascender. You can definitely try the manual climbing technique first, then add-on the battery power ascender if you need it and if it is available. But we only have one battery ascender, so it is better to reserve it to make sure we have it. If you do not end up needing it, we will refund you for the battery ascender.
  • What kind of clothes should I wear?
    Please wear athletic clothes and shoes. Bring extra layers in case you get cold. Long athletic stretchy pants are best. Do not wear non-flexible pants like jeans. Although you can wear shorts if you want, pants will be more comfortable. Long socks are most comfortable for this activity. Its best to wear clothes you do not mind getting dirty, sappy, scratched, or torn.
  • Can I bring my own camera equipment or binoculars?
    Yes you can bring any camera equipment if you want, including GoPros. However we are not liable if you drop or break your equipment during our experience. You cannot bring your own drone unfortunately. If you are worried about getting the right photos/videos or breaking your equipment, let us do it for you. We have a normal photography package for $75 extra or Drone photography/video for $125 extra.
  • Is there good bird watching at the top of the tree/canopy? Can I bring binoculars?
    Yes there is great bird watching, you should definitely bring binoculars if you are into bird watching. Especially for tree camping experience. You will have an amazing vantage point to see and watch birds.
  • Is recreational tree climbing safe?
    Tree climbing has intrinsic risk factors, like any recreational activity, but it also offers great opportunity. Our track record for more than 10 years speaks for itself. Statistically, recreational tree climbing with a professional organization like Tree Climbing at Silver Falls, is safer than almost any other recreational sport or activities, like biking or driving a car. As far as we know, there have been no fatalities in the recreational tree climbing industry, while under the supervision of a professional organization like us.
  • Does this activity hurt the trees?
    No it does not, all of our equipment is non-invasive. We do not use any equipment that goes inside the tree. All of our anchor systems are just webbing wrapped around the trunk. So they are flexible and do not dig into the tree. We have been climbing some of our trees for more than ten years, without endangering the health of any tree. We care very deeply about our trees, wildlife, and work hard to protect them.
  • What exercises can I do to prepare for this activity?
    Going to a rock climbing gym and having fun climbing is a great way to practice for yourt tree climbing experience. It will imitate climbing on branches and work similar muscles. You can also do full body ankle touching squats, which imitates standing up in our leg straps to move the ascenders up the rope. Some other good exercises are pull-ups, toe squats, eastern squats, sissy squats, and pistol squats.
  • Will there be a guide with us the whole time, even while sleeping?
    Yes, your guide will be with you the whole time. The guide will also sleep up in the tree nearby in case you need any help. This is a 100% guided experiences.
  • Do you provide food during the camps?
    No, we do not provide food or snacks during the day camp. Kids will need to bring their own snacks and lunch. If you want food to be provided, you can either add that option on, or upgrade to the overnight camp.
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