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2024 Tree Climbers Rendezvous & Festival
September 20-24
By The Global Organization of Tree Climbers


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The Tree Climbing Rendezvous is an annual international conference/festival by the Global Organization of Tree Climbers(GOTC). This year it is hosted by Tree Climbing at Silver Falls, located at Silver Falls State Park in Oregon, USA. This is one of the largest gatherings of recreational tree climbers in world, bringing together new and experienced climbers to have fun in the trees, share, learn, and network. Its the signature, must not miss event.

Rendezvous Festival Info


$499 per person, + tax & fees



Friday September 20th - Tuesday September 24th, 2024



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Required Check-In between Friday 9am - 4pm or



Smith Creek Village at Silver Falls State Park, Silver Falls Hwy SE, Sublimity, Oregon 97385, USA

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Age & Requirements 


No experience necessary, but there is a basic SRS climbing test at Check-In. If you do not have any experience, you will need to sing up for one of the two day training courses before the event.

No experience?

No worries, there are special two day trainings before the event run by Tree Climbing at Silver Falls, September 18-19, or 19 -20. Extra special pricing, $300 a person. (Normally $600) Must get full event ticket to be able to participate in these classes.


Want SRS refresher?

Got your own equipment, but want a single day refresher? September 19th full day $150 !

Cancellation Policy 

  • Two week cancelation notice required for full refund



  • Instant Confirmation

  • Limited availability, first come first serve


  • Reservations are required, no walk ups.

  • Reserve personal lodging, asap.

Video & Photography

  • You can bring any photography or video equipment you want.

  • If you want some really cool tree climbing videos and picture of yourself, we offer for $125  drone video and photos.

  • You are not allowed to use your own drone unless you get a special permit from the Oregon State Park, and we see the proof. Park Rules. 

Questions/Contact Us?


  • Climb giant beautiful trees 200-300ft/60-90meters high, in ancient forest.

  • Pre-set climbing trees, workshops, seminars, community dinners, networking, auctions, classes, games, beginner courses, old-growth forest, and guided tours.


  • Included with your full ticket.

    • Dinner on 20th

    • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on 21-23

    • Breakfast on 24th

What’s Included 

  • Workshops

  • Seminars

  • Lots of designated trees to climb

  • Food


What’s Not Included

  • Instructions on how to climb (trainings sold separately)

  • Lodging/Accommodations

What to Bring 

  • Extra warm layers, Snacks, Reusable Water Bottle, Camera and Video Equipment.

  • All personal climbing equipment (Limited climbing equipment rentable from Tree Climbing at Silver Falls)

  • Rope

    • Some trees will be preset with climbing lines, but most will not be.

    • Rope 200ft is available to rent from Tree Climbing at Silver Falls

  • Kindness, big smiles, fun, and warm hearts​.


  • Typical weather in September 50-75 Fahrenheit (10 - 24 Celsius)

  • Small chance of rain.

Optional Add-on's .

  • Drone Video and Photos $125: We can fly drones and capture very cool video and photos of you. This is the best way to capture your moment in the trees.

  • 2 Day SRS (single rope systems) class before the Rendezvous (September 18-19, or 19 -20), $300 per person for 16hours of training, Special pricing just for the event, we normally charge $600 for that time. Must also be signed up for Rendezvous with a full event ticket.

  • Climbing equipment Rental $75 for the whole event, Hand Ascenders, Foot Loops, Petzl ID descender, helmet, harness. No Rope.

  • Climbing Rope Rental $75 for the whole event, 200ft

  • Tree Camping, $25 per night, if they bring their own equipment. Not Guided.

  • Tree Camping $75 per night if we supply hammocks, with all sleeping equipment, pillow, sleeping bags. Not Guided

  • Tree Camping with Two Person Portaledge, $199 a night, all sleeping equipment plus help setting up. Not Guided, must be experienced climber.

  • Guided Tree Camping, $699 for two people per night, all equipment provided.

About the Venue, Silver Falls State Park

The venue for the 2024 Recreational tree climbing rendezvous and festival is at the famous Oregon State Park, Silver Falls State Park. Known as the crown jewel, of the Oregon State Park system. It is one of the most popular parks in Oregon, famous for its "Trail of Ten Falls" which includes ten huge waterfalls in a 7 mile hike.   

A Forest Opportunity That Stands Apart


There are few experiences more connected to nature than climbing trees. Getting to spend time high up in the canopy of a unique ancient forest like silver falls state park is a wonderful rare opportunity.  It allows a certain level of mindfulness in nurture only experienced climbing old-growth trees.

History of the Park

Ancestors of the Kalapuya and Molalla, the first people in the Willamette Valley area, arrived about 14,000 years ago. Before the first European Americans settled and began logging in the Willamette Valley in the 1800s, there were about 15,000 Native Americans in the area. All native people remaining in the area around Silver Falls State Park, were forced by the U.S. government into the nearby reservation now known as the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde in 1854. Until 1929 the area was mainly used for lumber. In 1933 the land around the waterfalls was dedicated as a state park.

When the park was created in 1933, it bore little resemblance to the lush playground you enjoy today. In the years that followed the park's creation, members of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), a federal program that sought to promote the U.S. economy after the Great Depression, worked to repair and beautify the forest, which had been horribly damaged in recent decades by relentless logging.  The CCC built park structures (including the famous lodge), created trails to the park's waterfalls, installed bridges, replanted trees, rehabbed the scarred landscape, and more.

Lodging Options

Lodging and Accommodations are not provided as part the base ticket. You will have options to add on accommodations when making you reservation or you can reserve your own accomodations.

Tree Camping, Sleep in the Trees, by Tree Climbing at Silver Falls


Why pay to sleep somewhere else, when you can sleep comfortably in the trees! Special rates for GOTC 2024 event only. Must have full event ticket to event to use these accommodations. Shower and bathroom offered at public park facilities.

  • Tree Camping, $25 per night, if you bring your own equipment. Not Guided.

  • Tree Camping $75 per night if we supply hammocks, with all sleeping equipment, pillow, sleeping bags. Not Guided

  • Tree Camping with Two Person Portaledge, $199 a night, all sleeping equipment plus help setting up. Not Guided.

  • Guided Tree Camping, $699 for two people per night, all equipment provided.


Smith Creek Village


Located inside the state park. Comes with the best amenities for lodging inside Silver Falls State Park. Mix of 2 person cabins and up to12 person personal cabins. Starting at $150 a night, two night stay is minimum.

Book Here:

Silver Falls State Park


This is the state park lodging options run by the park. They have primitive camping spaces, RV spots, and small cabins. These are generally very competitive spots and in high demand. Book as soon as possible they are available now.

Camp Sites starting at $21 a night, cabins starting at $53 a night, and RV spots starting at $31 at Night.


Book Here:

Oregon Garden Resort


About 30 minutes from Silver Falls State Park, located in the nearby town of Silverton. The highest rated and closest option for hotel accommodations outside the park! 


Book Here:

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